2013-2014 Campaign Chairs

Charles E. Cole
Saul Friedman
Josie Garton
Ann Gifford
Jonathon Katcher
Erin Lillie
Peter Michalski
Susan Orlansky
Joesph Paskavan  
James Torgerson

You can support your community by becoming a Partner in Justice today.

Low-income Alaskans caught up in civil cases do not have a right to appointed attorneys like they would in criminal cases. Without Alaska Legal Services Corporation, they are on their own to try to protect themselves from losing their shelter, their wages, their medical coverage, their right to be free from domestic violence or neglect, and other important basic needs.

Questions? Please call us at 907-272-9431 x 521 or send an email to donor@alsc-law.org.

Did You Know?

listAll of ALSC's 11 offices have local support.
listALSC helps over 600 seniors each year.
listALSC is the largest provider of civil legal services to victims of domestic abuse in Alaska.

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Alaska Legal Services Corporation is funded in part by the Legal Services Corporation. As a condition of receiving this funding, ALSC may not use any funds for any activity prohibited by the Legal Services Corporation Act or by Section 504 of Public Law 104-134.